Who am I?

I am not a theoretician, I am a practitioner of art.

As a franco-uruguayan artist, I have lived with 2 languages and 2 cultures since my early childhood. 

I am very much interested in exploring the universality of the sign, in an intercultural approach. 

The present project allows me to bring my research forward on the materiality life of the texts, their mystery and the games that can be played with them.

An example of how I can reflect on things: the 2 cats illustrating this blog.

Why are these 2 cats looking at each other not as though they were cats, but as though they were two earthenware dogs? 

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREI could say that the effect is to brings us back to the Egyptian times, when the cat was the aid through the other world, and therefore that my cats can be understood here as a metaphor of the passage from the fontsource text to a target text in translation. But in reality, this idea occurred to me much later and after I chose these cats!

The truth is that one day, I discovered a poem by Marcel Bénabou, who decided to have fun with Charles Baudelaire’s poem « Les chats ».  (I will actually show later some variations of this poem in my own work too.) And I decided to have fun with cats as well! If you look closely, they are made of signs, some similar to each other, some different, and all of various sizes. This idea is simple: the fontsource text is on one side, the translated one on the other one. They both look the same, but each one is different, remains different.

The cat is often associated with writers, so I thought it would be interesting to use a cat to illustrate my blog. 

More about me : http://margaritasaad.wix.com/plasticienne


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