OuLiPo, What’s that?

OULIPO : Ouvroir de littérature potentielle

Ouvroir : Old French word that means a workshop, a workplace. 

De littérature potentielle : An expression that seeks to reveal the literary creative potential of a constraint, a rhetorical figure, or a poetic or linguistic form. (Anagram, palindrome, lipogram.)

OuLiPo is defined foremost by what it is not: 

•  It is not a literary movement 

• It is not a scientific seminary 

• It is not random literature 

It is a group of writers, some of whom are also mathematicians, historians, translators or specialists in other disciplines…

How about an Oulipian AUTHOR? What is it ? 

It’s « a rat who builds himself a labyrinth he intends to get out of. »

What is a Labyrinth? « Words, sounds, phrases, paragraphs, chapters, books, libraries, poetry, prose, and all of these things… » 

This text is largely inspired by the Oulipo presentation  in the group’s site.

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