A new constraint: the 12 cm exhibition

aaaaJust a week before Christmas, on the 18th December, took place the preview of the « 12 cm » exhibition, in Pasaia, Spanish Basque Country. It was the 20th anniversary for the « 12 cm » project, and I was very honoured to have been invited to participate. More than 170 artists from several countries were taking part. Quite a big show, and also a great and friendly ambiance.

aaaaAfter Paisai, the second leg of the exhibition is taking place in Hendaye, in the French Basque Country from 25 January to 15 February.

I presented the two works I created following the constraint: the sides of each work could not measure more than 12 cm !

Both works are very different as I wanted to explore various possibilities given by the constraint itself.



The first one I show here is based on my previous proposal for Cities after Hours, the dark city created after Olivier Salon’s poem Cri printanier. I used the same materials to create another city contained inside a 12 cm box. This allowed me to create a different effect of perspective thanks to a contained and constrained depth. I also used my signs differently as here they are not evocations of the letters in a poem anymore but reminders of a modern-day city’s graffiti.

After exploring perspective and depth, my second work was a research on volume.



Here again, I took inspiration on a previous and much bigger installation, 60 roses I presented at the Franco-Chinese Cultural Festival in Chengdu a few years ago. My roses, made in India paper and covered with my signs were inspired in the porcelain roses that Madame de Pompadour ordered from the Royal Sèvres factory as a present for Louis XV. Inside the 12 cm space created by the constraint I managed to place three roses, all different as one was adorned with thin signs, another with much bigger ones, and the other, which already had different signs was also partially painted with red ink. As roses are in Western tradition the symbol of love, the signs transform each flower into a little love poem.

This new constraint of 12 cm gave me the possibility to continue exploring new intercultural spaces and go further in the aesthetic experiments started with the Leverhulme Trust project.


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