Paul Fournel – Clip from the interview

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREAs I already said in an earlier post, I had the great chance to interview several Oulipo writers for the project. I asked them about their relation with writing and the translations of their books, especially in English.

Here is the first clip from my interview of Paul Fournel, the président of the Oulipo. He discussed his novel, La liseuse, of which the English translation was published during my residency under the title Dear Reader. I was specially happy to have this English version, as it allowed me to put it in my corpus for the Translation Transcription, Oulipian Art from French to English project. Lire la suite

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A new constraint: the 12 cm exhibition

aaaaJust a week before Christmas, on the 18th December, took place the preview of the « 12 cm » exhibition, in Pasaia, Spanish Basque Country. It was the 20th anniversary for the « 12 cm » project, and I was very honoured to have been invited to participate. More than 170 artists from several countries were taking part. Quite a big show, and also a great and friendly ambiance.

aaaaAfter Paisai, the second leg of the exhibition is taking place in Hendaye, in the French Basque Country from 25 January to 15 February. Lire la suite

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It has been a while



Festival of Art Slade School, UCL, 2015

It has been a while. The opening of the exhibition at UCL was just two days before our « Artists in Residence » presentation at the May Festival of the
Arts, where I gave a short talk about my residency.


Marcel Benabou, Ucl, 2015


Then those who couldn’t make it on the opening day requested special
tours and I was really happy to oblige! Most notably the Oulipian writer Marcel Benabou came to see what I did with his Cats. Lire la suite

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Cities After Hours – 13th May 2015

May was a hectic month, full of exciting events and I am just now starting to recover! I was so busy, I had no time to write about what was going on and chose to put as many pictures as possible on Facebook instead. But now I can sit at my desk and give a proper account of the events I have been taking part in.

The first big thing I have been working on in the winter was a piece Cities After Hourses colloquiumfor the “Cities After Hours” Colloquium, organised by Ruth Austin at the French Department in collaboration with UCL’s Urban Lab that took place the 13th May. The conference gathered specialists of different areas to talk about the city at night. I was part of the first panel on art in/about the city.

Lire la suite

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May 18th 2015 at 6.30PM the actor Ross Tomlinson will read several texts by Oulipo writers

This Monday, at the exhibition opening,

Actor Ross Tomlinson

Actor Ross Tomlinson

the actor Ross Tomlinson

will read several texts by Oulipo writers:

Marcel Benabou’s Les Chats (as well as Baudelaire’s poem), extracts from Paul Fournel’s Need of the bike and Hervé le Tellier’s Electrico W.

I am delighted that Ross, who is also a student at the French Department, has agreed to participate!

Not only is he a very good actor, but his French is brilliant, and he will be reading in French and English. Lire la suite

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Between the Lines : Prof. Timothy Mathews

Professor Timothy Mathews, who I’m working with at UCL, runs Between the Lines. The series explores translation through interviews with writers, translators and critics. You can listen to the podcasts here:

Between the Lines : 

These conversations are fascinating for anyone who is interested in artistic creation and literature, as one of Timothy Mathews’ main areas of interest is the translation of image into word(s) and text(s).       


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