« Translation, Transcription : Oulipian Art, from French to English »


I am currently Leverhulme Artist in Residence at UCL, 2014-2015. I am working on an artistic project in collaboration with Professor Timothy Mathews of the UCL Department of French, and with UCL Centre for Translation Studies, directed by Jorge Días-Cintas.

I work visually with Oulipian texts and their translations. OulipoI transcribe them in paintings, sculptures and installations. Intellectual exchange and discussion with people in UCL is at the heart of the project, it enriches my art and allows me to communicate with a wide audience. I will present my work to the Department of French and have an open-door day in March.

As part of the project, I am filming interviews of Oulipio writers, translators, translation scholars, and scholars of the Oulipo movement, as well as specialists of the History of Art. I will post extracts of the videos in the blog.

An exhibition of my work on Oulipo and translation will take place at UCL in May.

Many other exciting things are coming that I will be posting about later!


Prof. Timothy Mathews :


I was appointed Professor of French at UCL in 1994 and in 2007 I became Professor of French and Comparative Criticism, a change which reflected my growing interest in how one area of specialisation relates to others.

In research and teaching I try and think not only about what we know but how we know.

In my writing I explore what relating to art can tell us about relating to others.


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